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TT aka Funny bikes

Here are TT bikes that I own, have owned or would like to own.

Thanks to many for your pictorial contribution.

Early 90's
Swooping top tube
Lugged frame

Schwinn's contribution to the TT. A very nice bike, 24X700.

Shogun Kaze
Early 80's
Sloping tt
Lugged Frame
First production TT

Rossin, another classic example.

Nishiki Linear
Early Mid 80's
Sloping Top Tube
Tig Welded Steel
Most common TT and most produced

Sonic, a small custom builder out of the UK. Great lines, low head tube. I want one of these!

Guericotti With Fir Wheels

Early 90's
Sloping Top Tube
Tig welded

Team Fuji. The Japanese attempts to cater to the Italian bike market with the swoopy top tube.

Panasonic Catalogue 1987


Mmmm, Celeste


Raul winning the Polka Dots on a Huffy? Great example of re-badging. Most likely a Yamaguchi?

Vitus. A very nice example of a simple design that looks fast even standing still.

Hooker Elite

Merckx, great example of a period specific ride. Mid 80's

Francisco Moser experimented with some awesome wheel combinations in his attempt to bring down the Hour.


Pinarello, Simple but classic

All Italian